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Breaking the Code of Multi-family Investing In Canada.
The Step-by-Step Process on How to Assess and Mitigate Investment Risks for Apartment Buildings & Get Financing and Make a Huge Profit!

Taught by Canada’s leading Multi-Family Investing expert and Former Insider and CMHC Multifamily Underwriter, Pierre-Paul Turgeon.

Multi-Family Investing Secrets Revealed! 

This Mini-Course shows why you can create more multi-generational wealth by investing in apartment buildings than investing in smaller properties. You will learn the  SECRETIVE & MAGIC OF THE MULTIPLIER EFFECT of apartment buildings that wealthy landlords don't want you to know! This is a small portion of the same material that is found in the full Canadian Multi-Family Blueprint Online Course and Live 2 and half day Live Training Event.


How to Plan Your Move of Investing in Large Apartment Buildings

This is the big leagues of real estate investing and you need to plan ahead before you make the jump. Anyone can do this, EVEN YOU!

Discover the Four Key Factors You Need to Assess and Mitigate

Real estate investing is like cooking. You just need to follow the recipe to be successful.

Find Out How you Can Leverage Bank Financing and Other People's Money

You do not need to use your own money! If you use the proven step-by-step process banks and investors will be willing to invest in you and your apartment buildings.


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