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Attracting Capital for Your Multifamily Deal:
A Winning Recipe! Masterclass


Most people, and especially real estate investors, seem to understand that

apartment buildings are a sound and low risk investment to get into,

especially in times of crisis such as the current pandemic or the 2009 Great



History proves that they’re right!


Why is it then that not more people invest in multifamily properties of five

plus units?


For the past thirteen years that I have teaching multifamily investing in

Canada, the answer I always get is ‘LACK OF CAPITAL’!


That’s strange because my successful graduate students from my Canadian

Multifamily Investing Blueprint training program and I don’t have capital

either! We use OPM! Other people’s money! It all comes down to mindset

and the Triple-P Factor (Prior Proper Preparation)!


In this masterclass, I’m addressing these challenges head on and I share with

you tips, tools and systems you need to successfully attract capital for your

multifamily investment deals.


I’ll also cover how to deal with prospective

investors, including:


  • How to select them

  • Tips on how to pitch your deals to them


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  • Wealth/Money-making Mindset

  • Vetting Prospective Investors

  • Triple-P Factor - Prior Proper Preparation in Not Optional!

  • Assessing and Mitigating the four Key Risk Factors

  • Management Systems

  • TIPS for Pitching a Multifamily Deal with Confidence – The MOSES PLAN

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