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Uncategorized Feb 25, 2021


To say that I'm super stoked about my upcoming virtual workshop this coming weekend is an understatement!  This year, I'm adding two new CASE STUDIES demonstrating ADVANCED MULTIFAMILY INVESTING STRATEGIES. That's in addition to the other four case studies that were already in the course.

You see, the format of this training program is EXPERIENTIAL!  This means I try to give you as much HANDS-ON EXPERIENCE within the context of a virtual classroom, and to me, this means fundamentally CRUNCHING NUMBERS FOR ACTUAL REAL MULTIFAMILY DEALS so that by the time you leave my class you're clear on what you need to do to have successful multifamily investments.

As in the past, I'm bringing back a recent graduate student of mine, Ricardo Chirinos, from my first virtual workshop last June to share his success story with my students. Can you believe it, in the last seven months since taking my workshop he's bought 28 doors in multifamily and commercial properties following my blueprint training programme.  I love it when my students follow exactly my instructions and they succeed.  We actually analyzed one of his deals in class, and weeks after the workshop he closed on it.

Listen! The workshop is almost SOLD OUT! But I still have FIVE SPOTS available and I'm willing to give you a discount if you take action WITHIN THE NEXT 24 HOURS!

CLICK HERE if you're interested in one of those FIVE SPOTS and to watch Ricardo's testimonial.

Here are more TESTIMONIALS from past graduate students of mine that year after year rate my Canadian Multifamily Investing Blueprint training program over 9 out of 10!

Please use code 4FOR400 to get your $400 discount.

Wishing you and your family health and joy!




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