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#12 Over-Paying for Apartment Buildings : What's the Right Price?

Oct 09, 2019

A couple of students of mine in my online course 'Canadian Multifamily Investing Blueprint' asked me the following great question:

" If a building is over-priced in a realtor’s listing, how do you figure out the maximum amount you would pay to make it a worthwhile investment?"

In this video, I answer that question. There is no perfect answer!


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I will also be speaking at 'KWYP' on November 7, 2019, 

This is a free event organized by Sandy MacKay of MacKay Realty Network. Please RSVP seats through eventbrite (using the link below) or e-mail [email protected]

KWYP - Building Super Wealth Through Apartment Investing


 In addition, I'll be speaking at the WEALTH HACKER CONFERENCE in Toronto on November 9 along with the famous Grant Cardone and other great speakers. We'll be sharing our personal hacks on how to create wealth in your life.

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This event too promises to be amazing! I can't wait for it!

To your life's fulfillment!



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