Pierre-Paul Turgeon, Canada's Leading Multifamily Mortgage Broker and Authority

Come Take A Ride On My Wealth Of Experience. 

Get To Know How I Work on Investing And Teaching Others To Invest.


Pierre-Paul Turgeon, Canada’s Leading Multifamily mortgage broker and authority.

Come Take A Ride On My Wealth Of Experience. 

Get To Know How I Work on Investing And Teaching Others To Invest.

Hello, I’m Pierre-Paul

A former industry insider, active investor, and real estate expert, who has analyzed 100s of large, lucrative multifamily investment deals all over Canada.

My burning desire is to help you shorten your learning curve with my invaluable insider tips, secrets, and lessons that will give you the inestimable knowledge to successfully invest in apartment buildings with the confidence of a pro.

Perhaps We Have Met?

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Perhaps We Have Met?

Works For Me, Let It Work For You

Speaking engagement at Scott McGillivray's Keyspire conference in January 2019.

Scott McGillivray is a fellow Canadian entrepreneur and investor. He is also a television host, author, and educator. Scott is the host and executive producer of the series Income Property, a home renovation show on HGTV Canada and the DIY Network, and HGTV and DIY Network in the United States.

Please, note that Mr. McGillivray and/or the McGillivray Group or their associates are not endorsing Pierre-Paul Turgeon or Multifamily Investing Canada, and there is no partnership between these parties.

Scott McGillivray and Pierre-Paul Turgeon

Scott McGillivray and Pierre-Paul Turgeon at the Investor Life Event

Grant Cardone and Pierre-Paul Turgeon

Grant Cardone and Pierre-Paul Turgeon at iWIN Conference

How I Gain the Confidence?

Rental property investing is the preferred investment strategy for investors who want an additional source of monthly income along with a slow but steady appreciation in the value of their portfolio.

Year after year, being invited to be a guest speaker at prestigious events, like the iWIN Wealth Hacker Conference side by side Grant Cardone, allows me to feel confident in the teaching I provide for my event-goers.

Grant Cardone is a fellow trainer, speaker, and entrepreneur who has worked in real estate.

When we are on stage teaching the next generation of real estate investors, it brings joy knowing we are making a difference in one's life.

Are you ready to make the change in yours?

All You Need To Do Is Pull The Trigger

It makes sense that you’re hesitant about fully committing to investing in multi-family properties. With so many myths swirling around it’s no wonder doubt is stopping you from taking action.

Maybe you think you need prior experience or that you have to be rich to get started. Or that you need to be good at math and have an analytical mind. I’m here to tell you, none of this is true. 

My most successful students had zero experience in investing.

Grant Cardone and Pierre-Paul Turgeon

The Most Important Tip for Multifamily Investing

Even rich people use OPM (other people’s money) to secure deals.

My teachings incorporate the technology out there, the spreadsheets, and analytics, having it practically all done for you.

My mission is to make Multifamily investing accessible to ALL Canadians who are willing to roll up their sleeves, follow my systems and do the work.

Everyday people, just like you, can get in on the game of Multifamily Investing with me.

Take Advantage Of My Experience And Knowledge

I am Canada’s leading authority and insider when it comes to investing in apartment buildings because I have a unique perspective.

As a former CMHC multifamily underwriter and full-time investor with a portfolio of 160 doors valued in excess of $22M, I have analyzed hundreds of lucrative apartment deals across Canada.

That’s more apartment buildings than most of the largest landlords in the country.

You want to hear my $22 Million Dollar Secrets Revealed!

Scott McGillivray and Pierre-Paul Turgeon

Pierre-Paul Turgeon on stage at Wealth Hacker Conference

Grant Cardone and Pierre-Paul Turgeon

Do You Need a Multifamily Mortgage Broker? 

Our experience in real estate financing enables us to partner with the most qualified lenders to secure the best interest rate and the best financing conditions for your project. With our market expertise, we can optimize the interest rate of your financing to take advantage of the variation of the Bond Market. Our team offers unparalleled expertise to assist you in maximizing the opportunities presented by the CMHC MLI Select programme.< /p>

Get in Touch:

Pierre-Paul Turgeon

Mortgage Agent Ontario*

Mortgage Associate Alberta*

*operating under Mortgage Architects

 | (450) 485-5746

Preparation Is Key

Go on an exciting journey with Multi-family investing.

I am an expert at the front end of securing deals to the back end of the business - the place where deals go sour and investors default on loans.

My wealth of knowledge and experience has enabled me to invest strategically and ensure a sound return, with low risks for my investors and students.

Awarded and Recognized in The Industry

My awards include Multi-Family Investor of the Year and Top Player of the Year with the Real Estate Investment Network (REIN), and Service Provider of the Year (2012) by CREW for my signature, Canada's Multi-family Investing Blueprint, training program.

Experience is the greatest teacher. Let me be yours.

Scott McGillivray and Pierre-Paul Turgeon

Don't Do It Alone.

At Multifamily Investing Canada I help people, like you, become confident and knowledgeable to make the first steps to becoming a multi-family property owner. 

Choose your path of development through free resources, workshops, masterclasses, online courses, and more. 

Training Tailored To Your Needs


“Leaders do more than climb the ladder of success. They hold it steady for others to climb'' - Kylene Bees

Our Unique Hands-On Approach To Online Learning

I wholeheartedly believe in the experiential approach to life and business. Learning by doing.

In my training programs, we are completely hands-on, analyzing real multi-family deals and case studies.

We provide charts and checklists to guide you every step of the way in the investing process, (including videos of an actual apartment inspection with a professional building inspector), and teach you how to prepare the best financing application in the industry to get you the most favourable terms and conditions.

>> I'm ready to join!

Do The Work During My Masterclasses and Workshops

Our masterclasses, workshops, and courses allow you to interact directly with me and other talented multi-family specialists to get your most pressing questions answered right away.

I share all my multi-family investing hacks and tools, that I personally use for my own deals. These processes include user-friendly, fool-proof Excel spreadsheets to help you analyze details quickly.

Imagine having a seasoned real estate expert always by your side while you are making multi-family investing decisions!


Join the cutting-edge real estate community designed to guide you on your successful multi-family investment journey

How To Get Started



Breaking the Code of Multifamily Investing

Are you ready to break the code of multifamily investing in Canada? Sign up for our FREE three part video training Breaking the Code of Multifamily Investing. Learn the hidden secrets and game-changing magic of the multiplier effect. This FREE video training reveals how you can create more multi-generational wealth by investing in apartment buildings.