Getting a Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment for Multifamily Properties - A Big Must!

Uncategorized Mar 12, 2020

When conducting due diligence when purchasing an apartment building, one of the critical steps is to obtain an environmental site assessment or ESA. All lenders and CMHC will require you to get an ESA Phase 1.

The purpose of a Phase 1 ESA

Phase 1 ESA is to identify actual and potential site contamination. It looks at the current use of the property and its history.

In this post, I discuss what's in an ESA. The ESA is done by a qualified engineer and you would normally only need a Phase 1 ESA done unless an environmental site contamination potential is found and which case you need to get a Phase 2 ESA, which could be problematic.  A Phase 3 ESA would deal with the remediation of the site contamination.


Lenders and CMHC have a huge stigma attached to site environmental contamination and you could run into a lot of problems and be unable to get financing if the site is contaminated.

Banks and CMHC require a 'CLEAN PHASE 1 ESA'!

To know more watch the video!

To your success!


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