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Becoming a Sophisticated Real Estate Investor by BEING IN THE KNOW!

Feb 16, 2020

In this short vlog post, I share quick and easy tips, with examples, on how to BE IN THE KNOW in areas that matter to real estate investors.

It's critical for real estate investors to monitor things that can have an impact on their investments, be the mortgage market, key financial indicators, the geo-political situation, etc..

In this post, I share with you examples on how I personally do this.

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It's Pierre-Paul Turgeon here, Canada's Multifamily Investing Authority and as you probably know, former insider!  That's right, I used to be with an apartment building with Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation and in today's short vlog posts, I want to share with you some tips and examples on how to BE IN THE KNOW, as in knowing something in areas that can make you a better real estate investor and also increase your chances of having successful investments.

Sometimes, it's as simple as signing up for receiving newsletters or signing up for other blog posts relevant to you in the area of investing in real estate.  I encourage you to have a wider perspective on this rather than a narrow one when it comes to determining what areas you need to BE IN THE KNOW.  And I'm going to give you some examples of the areas in which I think, that as a real estate investor, you need to be in the know which includes, obviously, anything that may have an impact in your estate investing.

So that would include following the mortgage market, following the economy and getting  on-going updates on the financial indicators such as GDP growth demographic growth and so on. All of these financial indicators that are so relevant for real estate investors. Updates on industries that again can have an impact on your real estate investing.

Also, any kind of major trends in society in general that can have an impact on your real estate investing. You want to BE IN THE KNOW these areas. So, let me give you an example, and I've got a, I'm going to. Use my laptop here to look at some of these, but when it comes to the mortgage market, that's a must! If you're real estate investors, you need to know what's going on in the mortgage market.

Some of the websites that I like to follow include RATEPSPY.COM.  I'm just looking at a recent post of theirs dated just a few days ago that says the title of the post is 'At last, a big bank cuts its five-year posted rate.' Well, if I'm a real estate investor, I need to know where interest rates are going.

Another website and newsletter that had been following for a long time is called 'Canadian Mortgage Trends. com' ( and I'm looking at a recent post, titled 'Five tips to increase your credit score quickly'. I mean, this is a super important topic. I myself follow my credit score on an ongoing basis. As a matter of fact, I'm going to shoot another vlog on this subject because I'm quite familiar with credit Bureau reports as a former underwriter at CMHC.

So that's great information! And I know in particular that Canadian Mortgage Trend have a published a forecast about where they think that interest rates are going and the mortgage market in general in 2020.  So they useful information. I also subscribed to one of my lenders’ newsletters, in this particular case from First National.

They have stuff about where the mortgage bond market is going. So that's indicative of where the economy is going. They talk about recent multifamily deals that they have underwritten. So very useful information in my area. Now, you probably know that my portfolio of real estate investor investment properties is in Edmonton, Alberta.

So oil country, right? So I'll follow something like ‘Energy Now’, which also is a digest of various newspaper articles or anything of interest to the energy sector which, as an investor in Alberta, that's my job to follow that particular industry.

In Alberta, we also have something called the Economic Dashboard. It's produced by It gives me the numbers on current employment, cattle prices, employment. You know, it's cattle country here. So, I need information on that. It just gives me an idea of the economic indicators at large in Canada. So, very, very useful information that you can get for free on an ongoing basis, daily, weekly, or monthly.

For me, it would also include when it comes to the mortgage market or the risk of market, regular market reports on cap rates. Some of the large realtor companies publish these quarterly, monthly, and so on. So, lots of great examples of reports that you can get for free.

And you know, becoming a real estate investor it's a great lifestyle that you can create once you're successful.  But in order to continue to be successful, you gotta BE IN THE KNOW.

Finally, I wanted to share with you that registrations are open for my.Ç Live Canadian multifamily Investing Blueprint workshops across Canada for 2020. The first one is going to be in British Columbia in Langley on May  01 – 03..

And, then we're going to have my workshop in Edmonton, where I personally invest and students are going to come and inspect one of my apartment buildings. The Edmonton workshop is on May 22nd to the 23rd, and finally in Hamilton, Ontario on June 5th to the 7th.  You can get all the details about the workshop and register by using the link below.  But please hurry up because these workshops usually sell out.

I know we're quite a long way from these workshops happening, but they usually sell out.  I'd love to see it, one of these workshops. I'm the meantime, stay IN THE KNOW so that you get better at being a real estate investor at following trends and economic indicators that will help you become a better real estate investor.

And I'll see you in the next post.




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