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Buy an Apartment Building with 5% Down and Low Interest Rate!! It's Now Possible with CMHC'S NEW MLI SELECT!

cmhc mli select Feb 24, 2022

 If you are serious about investing in multifamily properties, now is a great time to do so by taking advantage of CMHC's brand new MLI Select program which can possibly allow you to get in on investing in apartment buildings with just 5% downpayment.

Watch this great interview with Morgage broker Nadeem Keshavjee of Greenbirch Capital.

Nadeem wrote an excellent article about MLI Select and I have also attached links to the program on CMHC's website and a PDF version of CMHC's presentation for your convenience.

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Article by Nadeem Keshavjee

PDF of CMHC's MLI Select Product


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