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Apr 10, 2020


I hope you and your family are doing well in these difficult times and that you're all healthy.

I  shot this video with for you a while back during a Facebook live session but forgot to post it in my vlog.  In this post, I share some great tips for all entrepreneurs, not just multifamily owners.

All the federal programs I mentioned, including the list prepared by my accountant, are included in the link below.

Federal Relief Programs & Other Resources

As I come across more useful resources and tips, I'll continue sharing them with you.

Since many of us spend more time online, I'll be sharing a lot of free training online over the next few weeks and months.

Keep in mind, as I say in the video, after every crisis there are always great opportunities, including for multifamily properties, which is a very resilient asset class, especially in challenging times.

Stay healthy,


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