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#4 MultiFamily Investing Canada: Follow up from Workshops 2018

Nov 15, 2018

I finally got a chance to rest after delivering my two annual 2.5-day live training workshops last October in Edmonton and Hamilton, both of which my students rated over 9 out of 10 for the second year in a row.


I feel very blessed and grateful to have the ability to do something I love which is to share my expertise in the area of multifamily investing with students who are committed to taking action in order to create a legacy and improve their lives.  


My training programs, online or live workshops, are a pure labour of love and the result of years of hard work to develop them with the assistance of a professional consultant.  


After years as a national speaker and trainer in this subject area and giving these live training programs I found a way to deliver the content in a fun way while at the same time creating a positive human experience that enhances one's learning ability.  


Learning about real estate investment and mortgage financing does not have to be boring.


The format is experiential, that is learning by doing to the extent possible which makes it much more easy to retain. The first day, I take my students on an inspection of an actual apartment building accompanied by a professional building inspector. Then, during the next two days, we analyze real case studies including my own deals.


The content is the same whether you attend a live training or do the course online.


Months before I do the live workshops I set a deliberate intention, and I visualize how I want my seminars to unfold in a positive and productive environment to maximize learning benefits for my students and make it a very personal experience. That's why I keep the group size of my workshops small at a maximum of thirty people. This facilitates the networking between students and myself and the other invited multifamily expert guest speakers and between students. The calibre of participating students is amazing. They usually fall into the category of more seasoned real estate investors ready to make a move into larger investment properties which make for very stimulating discussions.


This is also why I intentionally make a point of learning everyone's name, somewhere between twenty-five and thirty names in a manner of hours. It was very cool that a couple of students at my last workshop noticed that and were impressed.


I very much care about my students and their success.


At my Hamilton workshop, we were also able to raise $400 for the Hamilton Basket Brigade which provides food baskets to needy families.  As a fundraising activity, I've agreed to provide personal coaching. I’m now committed to raising funds for charity at each of my live training workshops. I believe that as entrepreneurs we need to give back.


2019 is just around the corner, and I must admit I'm already getting pretty stoked about it!


I'm already looking at tentative dates for my live training events in Edmonton and Hamilton, and due to high demand, it is likely I'll do two workshops in Hamilton, one in the spring and one in early fall in addition to one in Edmonton.


So if you are interested in one of these workshops, please click here ( and scroll all the way down and put your name down on the waiting list if you want to secure your spot and these are exclusive training events with limited seating.


I’m also super stoked about my brand new Facebook page! By now you should have received an invitation to join it.  Please, join if you have not done so yet as I'll be rolling out lots of new content in the coming weeks and months including:

- video interviews with successful MF students/investors

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You'll also be notified about upcoming webinars.


Please know that I will always honour your inbox and only send you content that will add value to your business and your life. I look forward to continuing to serve you.


To your success in multifamily investing,



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