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#11: Please, Don't Make These Mistakes! Prior Preparation is Not Optional in Multifamily Investing.

Oct 03, 2019






Last week, I was coaching a student of mine who recently took my 2.5-day live workshop. He was working on his first acquisition and was running into some problems because he was making some basic mistakes that I have seen lots of novice investors make over the years.

In this blog post I share those mistakes with you. Please, watch this short video and make sure you don't make the same mistakes too.

Also, as a result of popular demand, I'm having a second live 2.5-day workshop in Hamilton on November 1-3, 2019. 

I've already sold 2/3 of the limited seats available. So you'll have to act fast if you want to secure your spot.  That's because of the 'EXPERIENTIAL' format of my workshop, that is 'learning by doing', I keep the group very small - no more than 25 people or so.

The good news is that there still room at the early bird price. Click below to get more details:

Link For Hamilton Early Bird

In addition to that, I'm super stoked to let you know that I'm a speaker at the Wealth Hacker Conference in Toronto on November 9, along with Grant Cardone and Erwin Szeto and other amazing real estate investors and entrepreneurs. We'll be share hacks to make money in real estate and others.

If you want to attend this amazing event and benefit from a 10% discount, use the coupon 'MATTERHORN' and link on the image below.

I'd love to see there too.

To your life's fulfillment!





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