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#8 Professionalism is Not Optional When Investing in Apartment Buildings

apartment buildings professionalism Jul 13, 2019

One of the things I put a lot of emphasis on when I’m teaching multifamily investing or in my own business as an apartment building investor myself is on the NEED FOR A HIGH DEGREE OF PROFESSIONALISM.


Apartment building investors are expected to be very thorough in their planning and research phase before writing an offer to purchase. Stakeholders in the multifamily world expects investors to have done their homework much more than when investing in small rental properties one to four units because, of course, the stakes are higher. There’s much more capital at stake, not to mention your reputation.


I also advise my students to ensure they have multifamily professionals on their team before they venture into their first purchase of an apartment building starting with their realtor, mortgage broker, lender, building inspector and/or engineer and lawyer.


Well, for the first time ever I’m in the process of selling one of my properties and there was a flagrant LACK OF PROFESSIONALISM on the buyer’s side.


This has caused the closing to be delayed twice because of un-professionalism! Completely unacceptable. For starters, the buyer’s realtor was not licensed for multifamily properties!




I share this story in this blog post.


Now since I live thirty minutes away from the Rockies, I decided to shoot this vlog post from my amazing hike at Crypt Lake in Waterton National Park during the recent Canada Day weekend. Mountain hiking is a big passion of mine along with multifamily investing. So, I decided to join the two! Stunning scenery!


P.S. Please, excuse my hairdo in the video as I had just hiked 9 kms in record time with an elevation gain of 665m, plus I took a dip into the icy waters of Crypt Lake.


To your life’s fulfillment!



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