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Success Leaves Clues! Part 1 - Action Takers Who Actually Pulled The Trigger!

Jun 03, 2021

Well, if you have any doubt regarding the effectiveness of the systems I teach in order to successfully invest in multifamily properties, please have a look at these testimonials from successful graduate students from my Canadian Multifamily Investing Blueprint who pulled the trigger and who are now apartment building owners.

Zorya went through the on-demand version of the blueprint and attended the live workshop in 2019 and now she and her husband own two six-plexes and have a 20-unit apartment building under contract.

Click on the image below to hear what Zorya has to say my blueprint training.

Joel Labonte owns a flooring contractor in the Town of Canmore (AB) and he also attended my workshop in 2019 and recently closed on a 17-unit building in British Columbia.  

Click on the image below to hear Joel's testimonial about my blueprint training program.

And finally, here is Ricardo Chirinos who took the combo offer of the on-demand course and live virtual workshop in 2020. He did exactly as I recommended, starting by going through the entire on-demand course back in February 2020 and learning everything he could.

Then, he attended my June 2020 blueprint workshop and we actually had time to review his deal in class as an additional case study. As soon as the workshop was over, he went out and bought that property. Seven months after attending my training program, he now owns 28 doors and has a passive income in excess of $330,000/year!

Ricardo said that he never considered the cost for the workshop 'an expense' but an investment that would be would be recouped on the first deal, even the first hour.

Of course, you may acquire all the best knowledge in the world, but at the end of the day, and after you leave any training program you may take, 


Stay tuned for tomorrow's post on 'SUCCESS LEAVES CLUES! Part 2!



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