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the case for mf investing in 2023 Mar 14, 2023

Well! I think we can all agree it’s such a crazy world out there with so much going on, which creates so much uncertainty in our lives.

With the collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank and the Signature Bank a few days ago, for all we know, we might be on the verge of a total meltdown of the world financial system, reminiscent of the 2008-09 crisis.

Let’s hope not!

So, I wanted to shoot a short video to contextualize how apartment building investments fare in such circumstances. I’ve experienced several financial upheavals, both as a multifamily investor and while still a multifamily underwriter at Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation.

The verdict is out!

Apartment buildings are especially a fantastic asset class to hold in times of uncertainty such as these.

Multifamily properties are counter-cyclical and resilient!

Please, have a look at this short video!



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