#1 Welcome to the Canadian Multifamily Investing Insider Blog

Uncategorized Jul 18, 2018

Hi folks.  

It's Pierre-Paul Turgeon, Canada's Authority in multifamily investing and former Insider. I used to be an underwriter at Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) and now I'm a full time apartment building investor with a portfolio of 160 doors worth over $22M. I'm also a national speaker, coach/trainer and author on this topic.

I just spontaneously shot this short introductory video while on a hike in the Canadian Rockies near my home. Sorry for my rugged look. I want to let you know that I'll start blogging regularly from now on on various topics related to investing in apartment buildings in order to help you out on your journey to invest in this type of asset.

I have amazing multi-family investing hacks and strategies I'm going to share with you that will shave years from your learning curve. I'll also be sharing interviews I did with other apartment building experts such as bankers, mortgage brokers, and other successful investors.  

I will also be conducting webinars and answering your questions.

You see, my mission is:

"To democratize the access to multi-family investing in Canada!"

Making big money through investing in apartment buildings should not be just for the rich! I want to help you create the kind of wealth I'm creating for my family.

Very few people are willing to share their knowledge in this area, especially former insiders such as myself.

Keep an eye as the first post containing valuable information is coming your way in a day or so. I promise you this is going to be a very dynamic blog.

Thank you for being part of my online tribe.



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