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SUCCESS STORY! Need proof! Ask Mike Beer who bought 2 apartment buildings after my workshop!

mike beer success story Mar 13, 2022

Love sharing success stories from my graduate students who shortly after taking my Canadian Multifamily Investing Blueprint training go out there and take action.

Needless to say it makes very proud. 

As you'll see when you watch this interview, Mike Beer bought his 13-unit building just nine months after taking my workshop. He gave him the tools and the confidence he needed to pull the trigger.

Yours truly,




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SUCCESS STORY! Grain Trader Buys and 8-Plex!

success story Oct 13, 2021

Watch this video interview of another great SUCCESS STORY from one of my graduate students from my on-demand Canadian Multifamily Investing Blueprint training program.

Marty Daalder bought my training program in November 2020, and after a few false starts, he closed on an 8-plex in September 2021.

Although Marty had been investing small rental properties such as rent-to-own, flips, furnished rentals for over fifteen years, he knew investing in larger commercial-residential properties of five-plus units was the way to go because of their economies of scale and the wealth multiplier effect.

Marty is now one step closer to creating more financial freedom for himself and his family.

In this interview, you'll get the amazing strategies Marty used to close the deals.

Please the time to watch this interview with Marty. Once again, it's full of golden nuggets to assist you with your multifamily investing and shave years from your learning curve.



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Plumber buys a 24-unit apartment building

success story Oct 01, 2021

I’ve been investing in apartment buildings since 2004 and teaching real estate investors across Canada how to do it since 2008.  The one thing I have noticed time and time again when it comes to what stops people from investing in multifamily properties is their MINDSET!

Henry Ford, yup that Henry Ford who started the automobile Ford company once said:

   “Whether you think, or you think you can't, you’re right!”

 Those who succeed in achieving higher goals are those who never take no for answer.  John Lerat, as you’ll quickly realize in this video interview, is one of those people.

 John didn’t have any particular skills other than being a hard-working plumber. He dabbled in real investing in small rental properties (defined as 1 to 4 units properties) but he knew that larger multifamily properties were the way to go.

How did he know that?

 Well! He and his sons, who are also plumbers in his plumbing...

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A 735% Cash on Cash ROI on his first apartment building! A GRAND SLAM!

success story Oct 29, 2020

I wanted to share another success story with you from a graduate student of mine, Tony Dinh, who took my very first 2-day live workshop back in 2011.

The above video is an excerpt from my interview with Tony. He and I had not connected since the workshop.

All pumped up after attending my workshop, Tony Dinh went out and bought his first 8-unit apartment building in Calgary with a $100,000 in down payment for a purchase price of $576,000 with seller financing. At $72K/door, the property was well under market value for the City of Calgary and I know many investors looking at that property might have passed on it!

Not Tony!  

It resulted in an 735% cash on cash return on investment (including principal paydown and cash flow) in just seven and a half years when the City bought the 8-plex for $1,260,000 as part of an expropriation process to build a light rail train system.

 This is a game-changer for his young family!

Tony is a first generation Canadian from boat people from...

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SUCCESS STORY! Young Family On Their Path to Financial Freedom with First Multifamily Investment!

success story Oct 22, 2020

Recently, I just reconnected with one of my graduate students Zorya Belanger, who took my live Canadian Multifamily Investing Blueprint workshop three years ago.

Using the knowledge I shared with her and armed with courage, she and her husband took action and acquired their first multifamily property, a brand new six-plex.

Above is an excerpt (6.54 min.) of my interview with Zorya. 

Click HERE to listen to the full interview.  I highly recommend you watch the full interview, especially if you're starting out to invest in multifamily properties. There are a lot of gold nuggets!

Although they initially set out to look for a larger existing apartment building in the range of a ten-unit or so, a different opportunity came their way with this brand new three townhouse project with each one having a separate one-bedroom suite below, but all units are above ground.

There are many things I like about their strategy, namely they remained nimble and seized a different...

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